About Me

My name is Amina. I help parents engage and connect with their children on the autism spectrum, and so build a foundation for their future success.

I am mother of a child with autism and a passionate guide for other parents with kids on the autism spectrum. My son Ahmed was extremely hyperactive and nonverbal up to a little over 4 years old, with little to no social interaction. I decided to take a proactive approach to support his growth and development.

Through my own struggles with the challenges of parenting a special needs child, I found the strength, tools and practical know-how to help my son, but also empower other parents move from an autism crisis mode to supporting their children thrive.  

Thankfully today Ahmed is a 16 year old teenager who enjoys the company of his peers and enjoys team sports. He plays in his school football, table-tennis and swimming teams, and speaks two languages -German and English.

Through parent training and coaching, you’ll get tools to help you organise, plan and create a family road-map. I give you practical parenting strategies to help your family function smoother and more effectively, so you can experience a more joyful parenthood.

Together, we can improve your family’s quality of life.