Understanding and appreciating your child’s behaviour in respect to communication is vital. Prolonged periods of crying, biting, hitting, kicking and screaming, head banging, undressing or the desire to be free of clothing, etc., are all different ways in which our kids try to communicate to us.

Children with autism, especially when non-verbal are often misunderstood to be “acting out” when in essence they are doing their best to communicate their needs, wants and experiences to us. It is mostly out of sheer frustration of feeling ignored that the kids result to such extreme measures.

To avoid those nasty meltdowns and all other negative behaviour, find out the need behind them. Work to understand what your child is trying to communicate to you the moment he attempts to attract your attention with such undesired behaviour.

Just as important is your reaction in a meltdown situation. How you, as the parent or caregiver, respond to your child’s meltdown can either “encourage” this negative behaviour, or inspire him /her to learn to use better and more effective ways to communicate their needs. 

Remember, changing your reaction in a tantrum situation changes everything!