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Client Feedback

Jannet Atika  

I was lost not knowing what to do! Until I got the support and comfort from Amina.

Amina’s Passionate who will go above and beyond to help you! I highly recommend her who know’s what it takes to raise a child with Autism.


Nazia Akhter, Uk: 

“I’ve been receiving coaching from Amina for 3 months. In this time I’ve gone from feeling very lost regarding my sons autism to feeling like I’m more in control. The techniques Amina has shown me have enabled me to feel more positive about my son, and now I feel like I can help improve his symptoms.

Some of the work has helped me to create a vision about my son, this has helped me greatly as I feel the future is so much brighter, this is what I hold onto now, rather than the feeling of uncertainty.

In the three months I’ve worked with Amina, my sons language has massively improved, he can now say 2–4 word sentences whereas before his vocabulary was much more limited. Now we are working towards playing together, so we can feel more connected and he views me as a safe, fun person to be around.”


What seems impossible can become POSSIBLE